What are the common Knee Injuries?

What are the common Knee Injuries?
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The human knee has a highly complex structure made of various bones, tendons, ligaments, and joints. Knee helps us to move forward, balance our body, or in bending position. Any injury to the knee can make the movement painful. If you are involved in an accident that caused your knee injury, you can claim compensation. It’s the legal right of a victim to claim compensation against the responsible person.

What are the common causes of knee injuries?

As you know, the human knee consists of various components. Damage to any part of the components can make you irritated and uncomfortable. Some common injuries to the knee include:

  • Dislocation
  • Cartilage damage
  • Ligaments damage
  • Sprain and strain
  • Kneecap injury
  • Knee bursitis

There are many different knee injuries, which include:


Due to the external impact, any of the knee bone can get a fracture. The most common bone in the knee, which generally fractures is kneecap or patella. Brutal impact or external impact such as car accident, fall from height can cause knee fracture. People who have bone disease osteoporosis are more likely to get knee fracture. Even a wrong step can fracture their bones.


Dislocation of the knee is the second most common injury. This injury usually occurs when one or more bone comes out of the place or alignment. Furthermore, in knee dislocation, one or more bones can come out of their place. Accidents which can lead to knee dislocation include trauma such as road accident, fall from a height, high contact sports, or slip or trip.

Meniscal tears

When people talk about torn cartilage, they usually talk about the tear in meniscal. Due to the overuse or in high contact sports, meniscal can tear or damage. According to research, the menisci are two rubbery wedges of cartilage between the shinbone and thighbone. This condition can also occur due to aging.


Bursae are small fluid-filled sacs that work as small cushions between the knee joints. These cushions allow the tendons and ligaments to slide easily without causing friction. Due to overwork, these sacs can become inflamed and swollen and cause irritation knee bending. This condition is known as bursitis.


Tendonitis is all about the inflammation in the knee. This is the injury to the tendons that connects the kneecap to the shinbone.

When to see a doctor?

After the accident, it’s necessary that you visit the doctor for a complete medical examination. If you don’t visit the doctor, you may leave various injuries untreated. It’s the responsibility of the victim to consult with the doctor immediately after the accident. If you don’t do so, you can make your condition even worse. Furthermore, you may also ruin your right to claim compensation.

To diagnose your knee injury, the doctor may recommend you various tests. These tests usually include MRI-scans and X-rays from various angles. These tests help the doctor to choose the best treatment option. As you know, the healing time of injury may vary from person to person. It also depends on the severity of the injury.

Solicitor’s advice

After the successful or diagnosis or treatment, you may consult with a solicitor. You can also seek the help of the solicitor to register your case. As you are going to face a professional attorney, you should also seek the help of a professional and experienced personal injury solicitor.

Personal injury solicitor can help you in various manners. He can collect evidence of the occurrence of the accident. He can also arrange meetings with eyewitnesses to record their statements. Personal injury solicitor Preston can also help you estimate your damage costs in the form of the compensation amount. You can add every damage and suffering you face due to the accident such as travel costs, medical expenses, economic and social loss.