What you need to know before starting a renovation project

What you need to know before starting a renovation project
October 30, 2017 Comments Off on What you need to know before starting a renovation project Services

Are you looking for commercial refurbishment in London? The first thing you need to understand is that what exactly we mean when we say commercial office space.

Office space refurbishment

Generally, any kind of establishment where you can run and manage your business or if you have set aside some space for administration is called office space. It can be anything from small shops, warehouses, supermarkets, factories and office blocks to facilities like the gym, salon or a bar. However, most people think that moving to a new business location or coming up with innovative and creative office ideas to tune the office space to the requirements of your company, is a challenging task. That is not entirely true because commercial decorating in London is not as complex as designing a football stadium.

Although you need a similar level of project management expertise to make sure that things are completed smoothly.

What makes a project manager an expert, in the work they do?

Most in-house project managers chosen by their bosses are handpicked on the grounds that they probably have nothing better to do with their time and usually, the management is ill-informed on how to execute the task themselves. In these cases, the managers mostly blow out the budget on experimentation and trying to gain expertise in office renovation in a very limited time. For an inexperienced manager, this can be very difficult because it is like stepping on a minefield wearing a blindfold, which means that they are not aware of the problem until they step on it.

Proper or adequate resources

Before you start managing a renovation project, you need to know if you have the proper resources to successfully execute the whole thing, you can try asking yourself the following questions:

  • Have I carried out a similar project of the same type and size?

This is important because you need to know if you have the required level of experience to handle the size of the renovation project you are going to start. You need to recall if you have done work of similar nature in the past or if you have played a part in some other renovation project. This will determine if you are fit enough to handle the execution of the whole project or if you should look for someone else to take over.

Do I know how to create an outline budget?

Obviously, when you are executing a project of a big size, there are going to be items that need to be bought or payments made, you need to know how to create a budget outline so that the finances can be tracked and no money is wasted.

Can I meet deadlines easily?

This is another important question because the key to a successful project is meeting the deadlines and getting everything done on time.

Can I plan, budget and implement the required things on time?

If you want to take on a big renovation project, then you need to know if you are able to multitask. A good administrator will know how to multitask and coordinate several activities at the same time. He/she should do so without having to compromise on the quality of the project and it may sound like a lot of pressure but this just part of the job description of any supervisor.

How will I know which mistakes to avoid?

That depends entirely on your experience because if you do not have sufficient experience in managing a renovation project, then you will obviously make a ton of mistakes. An experienced manager will know which things to avoid and which methods will make his work easier. Experience also teaches them how to come up with contingency plans to cover up mishaps that could happen out of nowhere.

  • Will I know how to pick the best price quotes when all the contractors and suppliers are offering almost the same pricing?

This is something which is, again, easy for the trained eye to analyze. You have to be very careful in picking out the supplier that is not only offering a good price but also offers quality in return for your money. If you are not careful, you might end up paying more for your supply than the normal price rate.

Will I be able to manage all this alongside my day job?

That depends on your time and coordination skills. The thing is that if you have not managed a number of projects before then this task will become very difficult and you might end up performing badly in both your job and the project at hand.

Looking for a professional

If you have asked yourself the above questions and feel like that you are not able to do all these things then it might be time to consider calling an expert for the refurbishment of your office space. Lacking experience and technique in any one area of managing renovation projects can lead to disasters and will definitely waste time and resources.

The size of the project

Before you hire a contractor and ask them to come work on your premises, you need to ask them if they can work on a project the same size as yours. The reason is that the suppliers usually have a preference of a specific size of project they want to work on. Let them know what your requirements are and inquire whether they can complete the task by a given deadline.

Number of years in the business

Experience is key when you are hiring a contractor for the renovation project. Look for a company with years of experience in the field and they should have been established for a number of years. This will enable them to come up with a portfolio of their past projects if you ask for one. Moreover, you can also ask for some contacts of previous clients that will tell you about their experiences with the contractor so you can know what to expect from them.