Tips To Arrange a Successful Yard Sale

Tips To Arrange a Successful Yard Sale
September 30, 2016 Comments Off on Tips To Arrange a Successful Yard Sale General

After the summer holidays and the beginning of the school terms, there is a lot of clutter in the house. This is the peak time when the kids collect all the junk they think they need from the extra cash they earn throughout the vacations. At least that is what my kids do. So I have to arrange a yard sale almost every year around the time, when the season is changing and we are moving towards the Holiday season.

The money that is made through the yard sale is invested in what I think the kids and the house needs, and not the junk I mentioned above, like the cheap double beds I got them last year. And please don’t think I throw away the kids’ precious items, my kids just get over the stuff very quickly and get bored. So it actually works out well for me. Yay me!


Anyway, now that is all clear, here’s what I do to arrange a successful yard sale.

Collect the inventory:

I know pretty much all I need to add to the yard sale, but since most is not my stuff, I have to be creative to bring those items into the mix. So what I do is, I make it like a game, the one who brings forth the most unused items they have to the sale will be rewarded with a nice present, whatever they want (because one item is a lot better than herds of clutter causing junk).

One year, instead of the kids my husband won, just to get the gift! Not even kidding…

Organize and catalogue it:

The yard sale is a hefty process. A lot of planning is needed, and the next step is to arrange and properly catalogue all the items you want at the yard sale. This is important as you need to plan how the space will be arranged for all the items, and for them to be displayed to look best.

Start marketing:

This is really cool. I let the kids make cute pamphlets for the yard sale in their own handwriting. This, I have found increases the audience for the yard sale..


They distribute the pamphlets among their friends and in the piano classes or soccer team mates. Other than this, I just use the word of the mouth among the street a bit, two weeks before the sale and I generally get an audience enough to get a hefty profit out of the day.

Be methodical on the big day:

Start the day with all the heavy lifting that is needed. Move the furniture out to the garage and place it strategically in the morning when it is not too hot out there.

Then place all the items on tables on neat displays make a little checkout counter just to tally which stuff is sold and which is remaining.


Do not forget to hydrate:

This seems pretty obvious, but a lot of people forget to hydrate during the garage sale. There is always something that needs your attention, and you just don’t have time. Avoid that and keep yourself hydrated to maximize your abilities, and so that you don’t pass out!

How to utilize the profits of the day:

After the yard sale, I try to use all the money to get one or two major items needed changing in the house. The last time, I got double beds for the kids, as they had grown out of their previous ones. It is really easy to get cheap double beds in UK from woodlers . With a bit of research I got the perfect ones for their rooms, and they were so amazing they still look flawless and new after almost a year now, and this is what their new room looks like, neat and clean…


Do this and you will never fear the junk your kids collect throughout the summers.

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