The Pressures Teens Have To Face On Social Media

The Pressures Teens Have To Face On Social Media
August 4, 2017 Comments Off on The Pressures Teens Have To Face On Social Media Technology

The social media perks for the new generation are out-and-out as it makes effortless to engage with more people around the globe and boost self-esteem. Unfortunately, the powerful social media has gradually been turning into a disaster putting the mental and physical health of teens and younger children at risk. Studies reveal that teens spend more than nine hours a day sticking to the social networking sites damaging their sleep and accelerating their risk of anxiety and depression. Teens and younger children are as much obsessed with social media that even a fifth grader will wake up at 2 am to log on and make sure he/she has not missed anything. This is the pressure a majority of social media users remain under twenty-four hours a day and seven days a week. Given are a few traumas that teens have to face thanks to the social media.

Being Social Media Sensation
Every teen dream to be the social media sensation and experiment doing hilarious things to get their dream come true. Just to upload a thrilling video or photo on Facebook or Instagram, they do not just sustain injuries but also put their lives in danger. They only aim to be popular among their fellows using the social media platform.

Getting More Followers/Friends
Having fewer than 500 friends on Facebook and even fewer followers on Twitter or Instagram have nothing to do with your mental health unless your classmates have thousands of friends and followers and they consider you a loser for remaining behind in the race of numbers. Meanwhile, teens remain in a battle to get maximum likes and comments on their social media posts, and those who fail to get the favorable response are considered to be a loser or social pariahs.

Virtual Peer Pressure
Social media has made teens face virtual peer pressure and this is very similar to the things in real life. However, the online peer pressure is more dangerous because it is not just restricted to the school boundaries. Teens create hate groups against the fellows they do not like and continue making fun of them online. They use social media to spread their opinions and false stories about them to manipulate the public opinion about that kid.

Social Media Jealousy
Teens head towards social media to get each of their happenings acknowledged. For instance, what they have for breakfast, where they are doing for dinner, what gifts they have received from their significant ones, what they have shopped for themselves, and where they are at the real-time. This inflames jealousy among the fellows who do not have enough resources to do the luxury stuff to post it on media every hour and generate hundreds of likes. The jealousy sometimes leads to depression in emotionally sensitive teens about their way of living.

What Needs To Be Done?
The teenagers who remain unsupervised by their parents are more probable to get affected by social media pressures. It is highly recommended for the parents to take the support of a reliable parental control application to monitor the social media activities of their children. Have a discussion with your teen and try to rebuild his confidence if you find symptoms of social media pressures.