Renovation ideas to transform your bathroom into a SPA

Renovation ideas to transform your bathroom into a SPA
October 27, 2017 Comments Off on Renovation ideas to transform your bathroom into a SPA Services

This is the most ignored part of the house but if properly treated and renovated, it can be the most beautiful room. The reason you have not opted for bathroom interior renovations in Sydney is probably that you think that this is a room simply for washing and using the toilet. The walls are dull and boring and the whole room is not treated like other rooms of the house and this is the biggest mistake most homeowners make nowadays. They think it better to invest in other rooms because those are the rooms most used and those are the ones where the guests are mostly seated.

This is not entirely true because the washroom is where people spent most of their time because it is a place where you have to go to take a bath and use the lavatory. You probably spend half the day in the washroom so why not put in more effort into beautifying it? You can make it look like your own personal spa so that when you use it, you feel comfortable and relaxed.

Size is the issue:

People usually fret over the size of their washroom and because of it, they think that they need a bigger room to make everything look perfect and spot on but that is not the case. With a few tweaks, you can make a small room look bigger and beautiful if you know the right methods. Here are a few ideas that can help you remake your washroom into your favorite design.

Make effective use of mirrors

This is a handy trick for a small washroom where space is an issue. Using large mirrors can make the room look bigger and will make it look less cramped. If you feel like you do not want to use a lot of mirrors on the walls, you can try using glass partitions for the shower area because the shower is usually where the most space is wasted so glass partition will give the illusion of a bigger room.

Use the lighting to your advantage

Use good quality lighting to make the room appear brighter. Lighting can also give the room a spa-like ambiance and you can even use fixtures that on which you can adjust the brightness according to your need. Lighting can make the atmosphere more relaxing if done the right way, also, if there is natural light coming into the washroom, make good use of it. Even if there is no natural light coming into the room, then do not worry and use artificial lighting to create the same effect. You can even try looking for crystal light fixtures that will definitely add some more character to the room.

Choosing a good color scheme

Make sure you pick the right color scheme for the room because the choice of colors can definitely add more flavor to the room and use of light colors can make the whole room more relaxed to be in. Some examples of these colors would be light green, beige and gray. For affordable bathroom renovations in Sydney, you can use the same shade of tiles to give the impression of bigger space. Also, when we talk about tiling, there are so many options that you can go with. There are pebble tiles that are really soothing to walk on and can make you feel really relaxed.

You can also go with faux wood tiles that are not the same as real wood but give the look and feel of real wood which is just as good. If you want to go with the spa idea, try going for a heated floor if it fits your budget.

Accessories and fittings

Choosing the right accessories can make a big of a difference on how the bathroom looks. You can add the accessories you need to make it look more like a spa than just a regular washroom. Try going for scented candles that will add fragrance to the air or maybe some hand towel holders to make things more tidy and organized. You can go for suspended or floating vanity that will allow the floor tiles to extend towards the wall and will create the appearance of larger space.

Hiring a professional to get things done

It is okay if you want to redo the whole bathroom yourself, provided that you have sufficient experience and skill to do so. If you do not have the required skills to do so, then call an expert who can get the whole thing done a lot faster and will be efficient. He can give you plenty of ideas for the theme you want to pick for your washroom and will suggest more than one way of completing the project. This way, you can pick the option that you think is best for you.