How to save money on a renovation project?

How to save money on a renovation project?
November 19, 2018 Comments Off on How to save money on a renovation project? home improvement

No matter how hard you try to keep renovations in Essex in a budget, they usually get out of control and you end up spending almost twice as much as you normally would. This is because when you start a renovation project, you keep on adding more luxurious styles to it and want to make it your best project and usually people don’t have resources of that sort. If you are to start on a renovation project but want to keep the budget in a limit, then you should follow these instructions and hopefully, your house will be renovated in average money.

First of all, create a budget and add every single minor detail on it. Even if you are to spend money on curtain hooks, you should add that money on to the budget list because you never know when these minor expenses combine to form big amounts. After that, see where you can compromise and compensate and which things can you do the renovation without. Once you have calculated the budget, multiply it by one-fourth of it because something might pop up that you haven’t thought of before. It is better to stay prepared and have the back-up money in hand instead of facing a crisis during the middle of the project. Once you have determined the budget for the project on the whole, try to stick to the budget no matter what. Don’t overspend the money until it is absolute necessary.


If there are things that you have the experience of doing, then take it upon yourself to do them and don’t hire professionals for those jobs. For example, if you have a bit of experience with carpentry, then you should make the shelves and wardrobes yourself. The professionals will charge you hourly for their services which combine to become a lot of money. Doing it all by yourself means that you will only have to pay for the materials and will save money on the service. You will be able to spend that money elsewhere.

If there is wooden, glass or any other material in your house that can be used, then definitely make use of it and feature it in one of your new things. You will save money on buying the new materials and you will be recycling at the same time. For example, you can use the timber floorboards to make beautiful shelves and other furniture items. Buying new timber will cost you a lot of money but recycling that timber into beautiful creations will not cost you anything at all. You will be able to make use of your creativity and will be able to put it to good use. You should also make sure that you are balancing high end and low-end materials. Don’t go on using low materials just for the sake of saving money.