How does JCI Accreditation Benefit an Organization?

How does JCI Accreditation Benefit an Organization?
March 21, 2017 Comments Off on How does JCI Accreditation Benefit an Organization? Health

JCI also known as the Joint Commission International accredits comprises the eight different types of health care programs that are primary care centres, clinical laboratories, academic medical centre hospitals, long term care facilities, ambulatory care facilities, home-care facilities, and medical transport organizations. JCI Accreditation helps in all the types of the healthcare programs. The JCI Accreditation is considered around the globe as one of the Highest Achievement in Healthcare Standards. It is the most difficult and demanding process that encompasses all the processes of the hospital and is just not restricted to non- clinical, clinical and the various support services.

Benefits of JCI Accreditation:
1. It helps in organizing and strengthening the patient safety efforts: The safety of the patient and the quality of care is something that is taken care of by the JCI Consultants.
2. It strengthens the confidence of the community with the quality and safety of treatment, its care, and services: If one achieves accreditation, they can make a strong statement on the community about the organization’s efforts and providing with high- quality services.
3. It provides you with a competitive and reasonable edge in the market place: JCI Accreditation provides you with a marketing advantage in a competitive health-care environment and helps in improving the ability for securing the new business.
4. It risk management and reduces risk: The standards of Joint Commission focus on state of the art performances which help in improving performance strategies. It also continuously improves the quality and safety and reduces error.
5. It reduces the liability of the insurance costs: Just by enhancing and improving the risk management efforts, the accreditation can improve its access and also reduce the cost of the liability of the insurance coverage.
6. It provides education for improving the operations of the business: The continuously provide with support and education services to the accredited organizations through a diversity of settings.
7. It provides professional counsel and advice, it enhances the staff education: The health care professionals and JCI Consultants are experienced health care professionals which are trained to provide with expert advices and educational services while the on-site survey.
8. It provides a personalized, intensive review: The JCI Consultants come from a diversity of health care industries which are assigned to organizations which match their background. The standards too are very specific to each accreditation program. This makes the survey very relevant to the industry.
9. It enhances the development of the staff and its recruitment: It helps in attracting qualified personnel’s that prefer serving in the accredited organizations. It also provides additional opportunities for developing the knowledge and skills of the staff.
10. It provides considering authority for the Medicare certification: Some of the accredited health care organizations can qualify for Medicaid and Medicare certification without undergoing any separate inspection of government quality that can ease out the burdens of duplicate and state regulations.
11. It is recognized by all the insurers and the other third parties: In some markets, accreditation becomes a prerequisite eligibility for the reimbursement of insurance, for participating in the managed plans for care or even contract bidding.

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