Finding the Perfect Villa from the Real Estate Inventory of Bangalore

Finding the Perfect Villa from the Real Estate Inventory of Bangalore
November 9, 2016 Comments Off on Finding the Perfect Villa from the Real Estate Inventory of Bangalore Business

It is a luxury to call a villa a family home, especially in a place like Bangalore where properties are as expensive as glory. Keeping close to statistics, a villa or independent house in Bangalore is twice, or even thrice as expensive as in other cities. So, not only will you need to fill up your pockets well before starting to look out, you also need to keep a diary of guides. There are some aspects that stand as the signature features of a perfect family villa. If you can find a villa that ticks out most of those features, then you will know it’s time to talk prices.


Location is the first of the many considerations that accompany the purchase decision of a house. In Bangalore, there are more than one desirable area of residence. With the city’s infrastructure rapidly changing appearance, quite a few places have come up to be most recommended places of residence. Malleshwaram, Indira Nagar, Hebbal, Marathahalli, Banashankari, Koramangala, Basavanagudi, Jayanagar, Whitefield and Ulsoor are the top recommendations at this point. Look for available options within your budget in these neighbourhoods before you look elsewhere.

Architecture and Design

When a villa is priced, a significant part of it owes to the architecture and designing of the premise. Villas have distinguished aesthetics that make them worth the price difference. Your aim should be to narrow your search to a particular property that not only beats most in architectural aesthetics, but also in interior designing. The interior of the house should see maximum and intelligent use of space. Too many walls and doors only clutter and block the continuity of the space. Make sure that the villa of your choosing does not have as many walls and divisions that cut off the space into many smaller pieces. Both from outside and inside, the villa should look an eyeful to people of all tastes.

Structural Planning

Planning is an important part of any housing. It is not just the positioning of the bedrooms and baths, but also plumbing and electrical wiring. If you are short of insight in this area, it is best to consult a certified engineer to do the assessment for you. When you visit the property in person, be accompanied by one such professional who can make the right assessments of the structural planning of the place. The building should have a sound planning, structurally.


The size of the premise should be appropriate to the size of the family you have. If you are just married and are looking for a home to start a family, then your picks should be those that have more than just 2 bedrooms. Plan it out before you go property hunting. There should be plenty of room for the family to grow when it does. Mostly, villas are spacious with a couple of extra rooms that can be used as study and play spaces or can be converted into bedrooms for the future members. However, if you find such renovations inconvenient, which they are, make the right choice of size.


Fenestration for villas is important. It not only enhances the beauty of the interior by an inch, but also makes way for natural light to enter the premise and illuminate the interiors. Floor to ceiling windows are common in upper levels in villas in Bangalore for sale. There are some that have similar windows in the living rooms of lower level. You may as well ask for the windows to be customised as you like for under-construction projects.