Everything Homeowners Want to Know about Retaining Walls in Brisbane Northside

Everything Homeowners Want to Know about Retaining Walls in Brisbane Northside
October 22, 2019 Comments Off on Everything Homeowners Want to Know about Retaining Walls in Brisbane Northside Services

In the beginning stages of building a retaining structure, it is important to consider the elements and possible problems that may arise depending on the wall’s design. Concrete blocks have been used by housing contractors to build Retaining Walls in Brisbane Northside since they first came out. It was easy to hire the same subcontractor who they used for the walls of the house to create the retaining wall. ¬†Some contractors take it one step farther by pouring the block cavities full of concrete. This creates a far stronger wall especially when they put re-bar into the block as well. Doing more than building the wall and pushing dirt in behind it is rare.

The string line should be in place with a proper level set and the direction of the wall. When installing string line, keep in mind that the first course of blocks should be 3/4 buried for good support of the entire wall. Use a plate compactor or like compaction device to get a good solid base for the wall. If the gravel is too dry, wet it down some with a garden hose to make it pack better. Grade additional times after each compaction until complete. There are a number of basic construction methods for these walls, with the most popular being retaining walls are made up of concrete. Some of the other more popular types of this wall construction include:

  • Interlocking block
  • Wooden
  • Insulated concrete form

There are all kinds of neat things you can use as materials for building a retaining wall. Some people even use old railway ties to make really interesting looking walls. Some additional retaining techniques one can use for retaining walls are soil nailing, soil strength, gabion mesh and mechanical stabilization. Soil nailing can be used in gravity, cantilevered or sheet piling walls to provide reinforcement by slender elements like that of steel reinforcing bars.  Soil strength (although sometimes used as a facing element) is used to reduce the pressure that the elements of the earth use against the wall itself.

Gabion Mesh (a form of soil strength) is a wire mesh box that diminishes some of the earth’s erosive forces. Mechanical Stabilization (MSE) is a form of soil with artificial strengthening from mats (that are horizontal in nature) that extend resistance beyond what gravity wall structures can provide. Improper installation of Retaining Walls in Brisbane Northside can lead to tipping or complete collapse due to the differences in force on the wall’s surface. A reputable contractor will have no problem getting the following information to you. If the contractor cannot provide these items, you may need to keep looking.

  • Business License
  • Bond (if required by city)
  • Insurance-a certificate of insurance will be sent directly from the contractor’s agent (general liability, workers comp, etc.)
  • Permit for Project (if needed-depending on code for your city/county)
  • Engineer Design (if needed-depending on code for your city/county-normally when a wall is over four feet in height)
  • Location of Utility Services (to ensure the safety of underground utilities-occurs several days before the project begins)