Easy to follow tips to look killer in saree

Easy to follow tips to look killer in saree
September 21, 2016 Comments Off on Easy to follow tips to look killer in saree Fashion

Saree is one of the most versatile ethnic wear that Indian women have been adorning for centuries. There have been so many transitions in the style, fabric, design and patterns of the sarees, but the charm of this outfit has always remained same.

With time, the six yards drape got global acclaim and today so many leading Hollywood actresses and other royal personality wear saree to flaunt their elegant side. Though they make changes in the style as per their convenience, the charm of the saree remains the same and makes the wearer look drop dead gorgeous.

There are different ways to drape a saree to get a stunning look. Here are five easy to follow tips to help you create your own style statement in a saree.

Experiment with colors: If you are bored of wearing the same golden, green, red, black or similar colored sarees, you should now experiment with some interesting colors. Latest designer sarees collections are available in bright, bold and pastel shades to help the women look different from the crowd even in the simple saree. Based on the occasion and the venue, you can either go with a single color or can play with different colors by mixing them together. Contrast blouse is the latest fashion that almost every Bollywood actress is following today. So you can also try the same.

Try different blouse designs: Minor change in the blouse design can transform a boring saree into a designer piece of cloth. You can get designer blouses stitched with your best sarees in the wardrobe to take their beauty to a whole new level. Sexy halter neck, full-sleeved, backless, mirror work and collar neck blouses are some of the options to get a break from the normal routine blouses.

Go for prints: Printed sarees have their own charm and beauty. Fashion designers offer a huge range of digital printed sarees on different concepts like nature, tribal, geometrical and animals. Look for some unique combination of print styles of stand out from the crowd. If you treasure tribal and nature prints, you can try Kota, tussar or other regional sarees. The artists draw inspiration from the nature or other things around them to create unique prints.


Hairstyle and accessories with the saree: Bun or simple hairdos are not the only options with saree. You can try different hairstyles like a messy bun, fish tail, and feather haircut, to name a few.

Accessories also have a huge impact on your look in the saree. Instead of wearing the same heavy necklaces and earrings, you can try some different ornaments. Terracotta jewelry and statement jewelry can be great options to bring a dramatic change in your simple saree look. You can try designer danglers with saree to stand out from the crowd.

Pick the right saree: You cannot wear a simple cotton saree to a wedding party or a highly embellished saree to your office. There are different sarees for every occasion. To get the best look, you need to buy right saree for every occasion. There are some stores like Aavaranaa that regularly come up with new arrival sarees for online shopping to help the modern women get the best collection. You can pick the category in their saree collection to find the best match for your requirements and look great in the latest designer saree.

So go ahead and turn every head towards you by trying these saree styling hacks. If you have some more ideas to transform a monotonous saree look into a sexy avatar, please share with us through comments.