Defining Tasks Performed by Funeral Directors

Defining Tasks Performed by Funeral Directors
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Funeral directors are called undertakers in the UK and morticians in the US. Generally, funeral directors are involved in the business of handling the funeral rites of an individual. The tasks performed by funeral directors include embalming, cremation of dead bodies, arranging and planning funeral ceremonies. The other tasks performed by funeral directors include dressing the dead bodies, casketing, and applying certain cosmetics to the visible areas of a dead body. Every funeral director may usually work at a funeral home or work as a totally independent employee.

Details of Tasks Performed by Funeral Directors

The tasks can be classified based on three categories: before the actual funeral service, the funeral service, and after the funeral service.

The Tasks Performed Before the Funeral Service are-
• Moving the corpse from the house to the funeral home or helping the relatives in preserving the corpse at home if the relatives wish to keep the corpse in the home for some time.
• Providing efficient facilities for viewing the corpse right before the funeral.
• Taking care of all the important paperwork.
• Ensuring that death notices of the individual is placed in all the national and local newspapers that are circulated in a particular state.

The Tasks Performed by Funeral Directors During the Funeral are-
• Ensuring that the wishes of the corpse’s relatives are fulfilled.
• Taking care of all the musical requirements for the funeral service.
• Taking care of all the catering services that are required for the funeral service.
• Designing the order of service sheets
• Arranging floral tributes for a particular requirement.
• Providing a different range of caskets and coffins that suit the budget of a particular individual.
• Providing donation accepting services. Usually these donations are accepted online or in the form of cash.

The Tasks Performed After the Funeral Include-
• Assisting the deceased individual’s relative in scattering or preserving the ashes in a particular casket.
• Assisting the relatives in the efficient arrangement of the thank you and obituary cards.
• If required, assisting the relatives in transferring the ashes or the remains of cremation to a different country.


Requirements to Become a Funeral Director
For a person to get into the business of funeral direction, one has to possess excellent customer service skills. The biggest hurdle faced by funeral directors is obtaining the right kind of education. People who want to get into this business are usually not interested in studying. The other challenge is finding the right funeral home that is willing to employ the individual. The other requirements include-

License and Certification
A funeral director is provided with a license for providing cremation-related services to the public. Without the license, it is illegal for an individual to practice this craft.

Working Hours Inflexibility
Sometimes funeral directors can go months without performing a funeral-related job. If the director receives a task, he/she might be expected to work 24 hours in a day. Also, most of the time the funeral directors are required to control the inflow and outflow of paper work that is required for a cremation to take place smoothly.

Good Social Skills
Funeral directors are expected to be social. This is because a social funeral director will ensure that the deceased individual’s relatives are at ease with the entire funeral process.

Taking care of funeral arrangements after the death of an individual is the most anticlimactic part of life. For funeral directors, this is a part of their job. Some empathetic funeral directors play a big role in helping families overcome their sorrow and navigate through the entire daunting funeral process. It is easy for the regular people to let their imagination run wild with respect to the job of a funeral director. However, the job of a funeral director is down to earth.