Deciding which dance style to sign up for

Deciding which dance style to sign up for
September 14, 2017 Comments Off on Deciding which dance style to sign up for Health,Services

Are you thinking about taking dance classes for the first time? There are plenty of styles to choose from. You can take ballet, jazz, tap, salsa and swing dance classes in Melbourne. If you haven’t decided which dance style to choose from and are somewhat confused, then this article is for you. It will help you decide which dance style to choose.


Signing up for ballet means that you are signing up for hard work. That hard work will definitely pay off by making you an expert in a graceful style of dance that is centuries old. Not only that, it will also reform and polish your body’s outlook. Some ballet teacher are really strict because this type of dancing has a specific pattern which needs to be followed very precisely if you want to master it.

However, this is not the case with all teachers. Some are very friendly and approachable. But, all of them will want you to obey a certain code or set of rules that will be necessary to learning ballet. As a whole, ballet is expressive and graceful. It will make you more flexible and strong. You can utilize your body’s potential with effective hip movements and body lengthening. If you are afraid that it will affect your foot shape or you might develop hammertoes, then consider another dance technique.

Swing dancing

This type of dancing is basically when you combine salsa and tap dancing. Taking swing dance classes in Melbourne means that you are incorporating partnering aspects of salsa and the loose movements of tap dancing. The music of swing dance is quick and the experience is fun. It gives you a good cardiovascular workout and requires you to develop some stamina.


Jazz dancing is somewhat similar to ballet but is newer and less rigid. Ballet is limited to classical music or the romantic ones but jazz can be used for many latest genres of music. If you want to express yourself using popular music, then it is recommended that you take jazz dance classes. When you have a good grip on the dance technique, you can choreograph your own moves in your own home or for parties.

Jazz cannot compete with ballet when we talk about standards but unlike ballet, it is more loose and freeing. If this is your style, then opt for jazz.


If you thought jazz was loose, tap dancing is looser. It simply involves moving your body quickly and making beats with the metal at the bottom of your shoes. Tap dancing requires a specific kind of shoe that has metal fitted under it. There is no hard and fast rule when it comes to this style of dance. All you have to do is have fun and move your body to the beat.

Do not be misguided though, it is a good workout. You will use your shins and calves excessively and they will get stronger with time.