Creative ideas to use LED star lights in Australia

Creative ideas to use LED star lights in Australia
October 11, 2017 Comments Off on Creative ideas to use LED star lights in Australia Services,Technology

If you are looking for cute lights to bling up a party space or to add a unique element to your home décor, then you can think about using LED star lights in Australia. Everybody loves these tiny lights and they add to the beauty of the space where they are put up. If you are not sure about how to use them in your house, then here are a few ideas:

Swing from the chandelier:

If you have a hula hoop chandelier then you can make it look magnificent by wrapping it up with LED star lights in Perth. Even if you don’t have a hula hoop, you can get creative and look for vintage styled chandeliers in the market that you can arrange star lights around and it would definitely make your décor pop and brighten up your room.

Bedposts and bedframes:

The advantages of these star lights are not just limited to chandeliers but you can also hang them around the bedposts and bedframes to give your bed a dreamy look. There are numerous possibilities and ideas you can choose from when it comes to decorating your room with these fairy lights.

You can even sting them around your curtains and drapes to give your room a dreamy look. It would make you feel more relaxed and comfortable in your room and even if you are feeling low, these star lights would surely lift your heart and spirits.

On the mirror:

Another unique use is to use these lights around the mirror in your bedroom. It doesn’t only look good but also make it easier for you to do makeup. You would be able to see what you are doing more clearly and it would help you get instant glam.


Many people buy decoration pieces and vases from the market. These decoration pieces don’t come cheap and rob your bank. On the other hand, if you come up with innovative ideas to decorate your home, then it would look give your interior a unique and classy look. You can take bottles of different shapes and sizes and put dazzling star lights in them to make them look beautiful. You can keep the bottles on shelves in your lounge and it would make your lounge look amazing.

Lighting up your way:

You can lighten up your walk through spaces in your house by hanging star lights in the way or across the ceiling. You can also mix the star lights with other accessories like lanterns or star shapes. It would make your walk through a perfect place for photography.

Flash photography:

If you have got a bare wall in your house across the hall or in the lounge and you are looking for a creative way to decorate it, then there is no better way than flash photographs on the strands of star lights. You can purchase some star lights in wires and strings and clips your favorite snaps on them randomly. This would result into a gorgeous feature piece for your wall.

Look at the stars:

You can attach star lights all over your ceiling so when you would look at the ceiling it would give you the illusion of a sky full of stars. It would make your room look romantic and peaceful and you would be able to create a magical ceiling for yourself.

If you use star lights in such ways, it would surely light up your world and make your happy.