Common Types Of Shade Sails In Central Coast NSW And Their Uses

Common Types Of Shade Sails In Central Coast NSW And Their Uses
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Shade sails are mechanisms used to cover the vast areas which are generally meant for parties and other gatherings. Hence, they are suitable for the commercial as well as residential areas. These coverings are highly efficient to hinder the hazardous ultraviolet rays of the sun and the hand knitted fabric used here is also water resistant. However, the shades usually come in a broad range of colours, sizes and shapes. Though the style and design of these shades mostly depend upon their utility and usage the most popular shade sails in central coast NSW are the square (or rectangular) and triangular ones. This article gives an idea of the advantages and disadvantages of both.

Pros and cons of Square Shades

It is a general assumption that the square shade sails provide the maximum coverage as compared to other styles and designs. It is the reason that style is mostly used in various parts and regions of the world. They are also found in a wide range of sizes starting from pre-made shades to custom sized ones. However, bigger sail structures usually need strong and powerful fixing points which can obviously provide maximum anchorage in case of strong coastal wind or rain storm. That is the reason most of the people prefer to opt for steel posts than the wooden ones when choosing that type of. Moreover, to ensure further safety all the posts are firmly cemented to the soil or ground. Usually, a cemented base is designed to anchor such shades. The engineers also advise going minimum 4 ft. under the ground when working on shade sails in central coast NSW.

Another principal disadvantage of a big square or rectangular sail shades is that they are prone to “belly up” in the centre. It can occur due to a lot of reasons. The most common is lots of water accumulation and lose attachments. Another disadvantage is that the square ones look very plain and do not suit your party purposes if you are a stylish person. However, it is a fact that these sort of shades would probably cover a large area rather than any other shade no matter how much stylish it is.

Pros and cons of Triangular shades

The triangular shade sails also offer large coverage but not as big as the rectangular or square ones. These are usually thought to be perfect for relatively smaller areas. In addition, these are also available in various stylish designs and beautiful shades and clours. But the biggest point where a triangle covering scores over a square one is its aesthetic value which can impress anyone. They can be fixed in a broad range of configurations and hence is suitable for almost any purposes especially the summer parties. Besides, these triangular sail structures do not sag down much, unlike its rectangular counterparts.

But the primary disadvantage here is that as these triangular covers have unequal sides, there is always an empty space in between the sails. Thus, rainwater or sunlight passes through easily.

We hope that all the above facts would really help you to decide which type of shade will suit you most.