Commercial Concrete Contractors In Burwood Are Here To Help You!

Commercial Concrete Contractors In Burwood Are Here To Help You!
January 22, 2019 Comments Off on Commercial Concrete Contractors In Burwood Are Here To Help You! construction

Concrete has been the building block of the civilizations for thousands of years. For civilizations that have come and gone those that are still alive and thriving. No matter what a person intends to build, the sturdiest material available for the construction of a building requires concrete. Over the years metals have been infused in concrete to provide more stability to the building, but concrete in itself to date remains the most used and go-to material for the erection of buildings, irrespective of the size and shape.

Commercial concrete in Burwood offer the service of providing concrete for commercial projects. Whether a person wants to build a school, hospital, house, an office or an auditorium, the possibilities are endless with concrete. It is the most used construction material in the world. Although the examples of the sturdiness of buildings made by concrete are one too many to name The Colosseum in Rome can attest to the fact, having built more than 1900 years ago it still stands strong and tall to this date.

Concrete is an agglomerate of essentially cement paste and stone. Additives are added in it to reduce its cure time and also increase its durability. It works on a ratio of cement/water. Too much water makes concrete paste weak. When concrete is applied or moulded in whatever shape, it hardens when it goes from semi-solid to solid form. The use of concrete varies from building to laying down pathways i.e. driveways, sidewalk and floors.

There are two kinds of concrete that one needs to keep in mind if planning to build.
Site-cast concrete a.k.a. cast in situ concrete
Precast concrete

Site-cast concrete as of lately has been taking a backseat because it is poured, moulded and cured on site. Weather plays an important role in the curing of site-cast concrete, and factors such as humidity, rain and temperature may cause the concrete to not set in time.

Precast concrete has recently been the preferred material of building in terms of concrete. The fact that it is a builder’s favourite is because it is of its strength. Precast is moulded and cured off-site in ideal conditions and does not leave the company plant until or unless it has an all okay from the manufacturing company. Once it dries up, the ready-to-use products are then shipped on-site where there are assembled.

Some of the reasons why precast concrete is the best option for building are:

  • Its high quality provides durability, superior strength and consistent results.
  • It performs excellently in terms of mildew resistance, mould, security and safety
  • Amazing design flexibility in terms of colour, shape, texture
  • Aesthetic versatility


A drawback to precast concrete is, because of its many joints (since it is made in different moulds and assembled on site) it can be dangerous in areas prone to earthquakes. Apart from that, precast concrete allows a myriad of other benefits like customizable options which make it the better choice.

If you are looking to build a new building, it is advisable that you first read up on the materials going to be used and the options available. Do not forget to contact commercial concrete contractors to get a better idea and understand as to what would work best for your desired project.