Car Keys – The hassle to Replace them

Car Keys – The hassle to Replace them
October 24, 2017 Comments Off on Car Keys – The hassle to Replace them Services


In a world where everything is getting automated, there are still some essential things yet to be automated. You have to carry a Key in your pocket all the time to be able to unlock your house, room or car. There is no app that you can install on your phone that can overcome this problem. You might have lost your Keys at least once in your lifetime and then have had to wait for the Locksmith to come and unlock your car, and if you were on vacation or travelling in Sydney and locked yourself outside your car and thought at that time how can I replace my car key in Sydney as you have no idea where you are how will you ever be able to contact a locksmith or be able to unlock your car. Your complete day is wasted and if you had somewhere important to be, just forget about it.

There are ways to avoid situations like this one, such as a smart Key or Proximity Key. You don’t have to worry about leaving your key in the ignition and mistakenly locking yourself outside. It has many benefits if the key is in the car and you step outside it sends a notification reminding you that the key is still in the car. If by mistake you lock the car with the key in it, no worries just touch the car handle it will unlock automatically by sensing your hand on the handle. You don’t even have to insert the key in the door lock to unlock it, just keep it in your pocket touch the handle and it senses the key nearby and unlocks the car.

Don’t worry if you have lost your Keys and are wondering what could be done, there are Many ways to unlock your car, the most inconvenient way is to get the new replacement key directly from your main dealer. In order to get the key from the main dealer, there are some conditions that need to be met first.

You need to bring the vehicle directly to them (It is quite costly and difficult).

You need to have the original paperwork to prove your ownership of the vehicle.

Getting the vehicle to the main dealership might be pretty difficult if the vehicle is locked and the keys are lost. So, you will need a recovery company to pick up the vehicle which might be costly as they wouldn’t be able to use the normal recovery vehicle. But if you have rented or recently bought your vehicle in Sydney you might not have the proper paperwork and need to explain to them that I have lost my car key and I need you to replace my car key in Sydney, in order to continue your traveling or vacation. But even then, this might not be a suitable technique as it will take 3-5 working days to provide you with your new key which can ruin your complete week and this is too much for just a simple mistake