All You Wanted To Know About Engineered Retaining Walls and Their Benefits

All You Wanted To Know About Engineered Retaining Walls and Their Benefits
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What are they?

Engineered retaining walls are usually made to retain a natural force of nature or create barriers from one part of landscape to another? They are largely used in residential areas for creating separate properties. However, such walls can also be used in commercial purposes to separate properties, in parks to create decorative landscaping, on highways to separate roads, and to maintain privacy between two homes.

How they are used:

Engineered retaining walls are used to keep soil dry and to prevent rain water or flood from damaging properties or its surrounding structures. Such walls are also used when there’s a chance of flood or a large amount of rain fall. They prevent rain water or flood from coming into your property and keep your valuables safe. Having engineered retaining walls in or around your home or office will secure your property and give you peace of mind.

How they are made:

Engineered retaining walls are generally made of concrete, bricks, stones, and timbers. You need to select the ground where you want to install it and then the place needs to be excavated to make a solid foundation that will hold the wall in place. No matter what the size is, such walls should be around ten to twenty feet away from your building to prevent water. However, you don’t need to worry about the look as there are many decorative stones and bricks that will help you get a retaining wall that is not only durable but looks good as well. However, you can also use a brick and concrete made wall to create a privacy fence from your neighbors or to maintain privacy if you live beside a busy street.

Size of the wall:

The size of your retaining wall largely depends on what purpose you are going to use it for. If you are willing to install it to hold back rain water or flood, you can make it eight to ten feet high. You will come across such walls that are only two to three feet tall. These are mainly used as dividers or irrigation systems in gardens or around garden statues, and windmills. If you are going to install it to maintain your privacy,¬†you need to be careful. If you don’t want others to look through your windows you need to make it accordingly but if you think that would block the scenery, you can make it a little shorter.

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