5 Post Rhinoplasty Tips To Make Recovery A Walk In The Park

5 Post Rhinoplasty Tips To Make Recovery A Walk In The Park
December 29, 2016 Comments Off on 5 Post Rhinoplasty Tips To Make Recovery A Walk In The Park Health

Having a nose job is something that requires a lot of research on the part of the patient. They should shop around in order to find a fully qualified surgeon to carry out the procedure. Once the surgery has been completed, people will feel very confident now that they have the nose that they desire.

The surgeon should give a full explanation of the surgery, including what the aftercare procedure will involve. The surgeon should also make the patient fully aware of any potential side effects. There are several things that someone can do to make sure that their recovery from rhinoplasty goes as smoothly as possible. This will ensure that they are in as little discomfort as possible, and will help the nose to heal properly. Read this helpful guide about the five best post-rhinoplasty recovery tips. Visit drprandle.com.au for a quality nose job.

Don’t Sleep On The Stomach
The worst thing that people can do in the aftermath is to sleep on their stomach. Whilst this may be the most comfortable position for many people, it is not ideal in the aftermath of a nose job. This is because the pressure of the pillow or bed pressing into the face can cause the nose to be pushed out of place and to become disfigured.

Patients should sleep on their backs in order to ensure that this mishap does not occur. If this is an uncomfortable position, then people should prop themselves up with cushions in order to provide more back and neck support.

Take Some Sleeping Medication
In the days after the rhinoplasty in Perth has been completed, people might find that they have a large amount of swelling and bruising. This bruising can prove to be very uncomfortable, and it may disrupt the patient as they try to sleep. If people have to get up and go to work in the morning, sleepless nights will severely affect their overall performance. In order to solve this problem, people should take some mild sleeping pills that will allow them to have a peaceful and uninterrupted sleep. The swelling should go down after a few days, so the sleeping pills will not be needed for very long.

Avoid Smoking
Smoking can cause the blood to stop clotting. If there is any bleeding after the rhinoplasty, then it could be difficult for the blood to stop flowing. This is a very rare problem, but it is something that needs to be considered nonetheless. If people stop smoking and they experience some bleeding, then there is a higher chance of the blood clotting successfully.

Don’t Do Any Contact Sports Or Vigorous Exercise

People who enjoy contact sports or take vigorous exercise often feel the need to do this every day. However, if they have a nose job then it is best advised to take a rest for a couple of weeks at least. This is because any heavy contact (from sports such as rugby or boxing) could cause the nose to be pushed out of joint.

Use this guide to recover from a rhinoplasty.