5 Mistakes Every Man Should Avoid When Buying Leather Shoes

5 Mistakes Every Man Should Avoid When Buying Leather Shoes
September 23, 2016 Comments Off on 5 Mistakes Every Man Should Avoid When Buying Leather Shoes Fashion

Have you ever gone through a situation when you happily wore your new pair of shoes to the office and someone said that these are not the perfect leather shoes?

It hurts a lot when you did a lot of research to find premium leather shoes, paid a good amount to get that and at the end of the day no one likes it. Actually, this happens due to some small mistakes, you made while buying leather shoes. This is not just about online shoe buying, it can also happen when you buy the shoes from the store where you can wear it, check it how it looks on your personality and can check its comfort level.

Here are the top five mistakes every man should avoid when buying leather shoes.

  1. Selecting the wrong size

This is a mistake most of us do unintentionally. When looking for more comfort, people end up buying a number larger than their normal size. To get the perfect look, the leather shoes should fit your feet without affecting your comfort. Getting a right pair of shoes is possible only when you know your foot size, width and arch type properly. If you buy leather shoes online, look for a store that has a size guide to help the customers pick the right pair of shoes.

  1. Impulsive buying

When talking to some online shoe stores, I got to know that people most of the times return their footwear because they changed their mind later or didn’t find the design that attractive. All this happens due to impulsive buying. Premium leather shoes bear a big price tag and wasting money by ordering a pair of shoes that you liked at the first glance is not a good idea. The right idea is to first pick a design and give it a second thought by holding your decision for at least a week. If you still feel that it is required in your footwear collection, go for it.

  1. Stretching the new shoes

Leather shoes take some time to adjust as per your feet. The mistake people make is to stretch the new shoes their own that spoil the shape completely. In the hurry of making the shoes comfortable and wide, people take help of shoe stretching equipment like wooden inserts, which in most of the cases damage the shoes.

The right idea is to take the shoes to the cobbler, who knows about the right tools and techniques to stretch the shoes without affecting their real shape.

  1. Not paying attention to their maintenance

Just like anything else, you leather shoes also need regular care and attention. If you don’t clean them regularly or don’t store them properly, these might start to look dull just in a few days. To ensure that these look great and make you feel comfortable even after months, use high-quality leather shoe conditioner and polish to keep the leather soft and moisturized.

  1. Always running behind the brand

Undoubtedly, branded shoes have their own charm and grace, but people look at your overall personality, not just the brand of the outfit you are wearing. If you are getting something that flatters your personality more than a branded pair of shoes, there is no harm in investing in it. Some companies like Egoss, offer a collection of leather shoes that is much better than many top brands. You must include variations in your collection.

Committing some mistakes is common, but you can easily avoid them by keeping them in the mind when buying shoes online. Premium leather shoes are expensive and you cannot waste your money or compromise with the comfort by committing such silly mistakes.